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To develop your JamStack site locally you will need to have on your pc the following tools:

Command Line Processor

It’s already preinstalled on every OS you use, and allows you to execute commands without using a GUI interface. Every command you will find through this documentation uses Bash syntax, but the commands are pretty simple and should work in every terminal. If you are having issues, try to install and use the Git Bash.


Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

You can download it from here, it’s adviced to install at least Node 10.

If you have already Node installed, you can check your version from your command line by using the command:

node --version

If Node is installed you should see as output something like this:


Text Editor

To modify Markdown files you can just use any Text editor. It’s greatly adviced you use Visual Studio Code. It’s open source, fast, has tons of extension and it’s available on every OS.