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The Udesly App is a web app that allows you to adapt your Webflow theme in order to be used with different CMSes.


Why you should use the Udesly App in the first place? 🤔

Webflow! an amazing design tool! 🎨 And we wanted to use Webflow everyday and in every kind of projects!

Every tool has its own pros, cons and best use cases, but we didn’t want to give up on Webflow at least as design tool when our customers needed a different CMS or needed to cover functionalities not yet available.

That’s why we built up the App, to use Webflow all the time… And also to not bother up our devs with boring task like writing html markup

It’s just a way to mix up different tools and get the best of all worlds! ✨

In this case, let’s be specific and let’s start our journey to the JamStack.


JamStack is a term born to indicate a new rising architecture for modern web sites. Some of the key benefits are explained below!


The JamStack removes multiple moving parts and systems from the hosting infrastructure resulting in fewer servers and systems to harden against attack.

Serving pages and assets as pre-generated files allows read-only hosting reducing attack vectors even further. Meanwhile dynamic tools and services can be provided by vendors with teams dedicated to securing their specific systems and providing high levels of service.


Popular architectures deal with heavy traffic loads by adding logic to cache popular views and resources. The JamStack provides this by default. When sites can be served entirely from a CDN there is no complex logic or workflow to determine what assets can be cached and when.

With JamStack sites everything can be cached in a content delivery network. With simpler deployments, built-in redundancy and incredible load capacity.


Page loading speeds have an impact on user experience and conversion. JamStack sites remove the need to generate page views on a server at request time by instead generating pages ahead of time during a build.

With all the pages are already available on a CDN close to the user and ready to serve, very high performance is possible without introducing expensive or complex infrastructure.


When hosting complexity is reduced, so are maintenance tasks. A pre-generated site, being served directly from a simple host or directly from a CDN does not need a team of experts to “keep the lights on”.

The work was done during the build, so now the generated site is stable and can be hosted without servers which might require patching, updating and maintain.


JamStack sites are pre-generated. That means that you can host them from a wide variety of hosting services and have greater ability to move them to your preferred host. Any simple static hosting solution should be able to serve a JamStack site.

Bye-bye infrastructure lock-in.

Developer Experience

JamStack sites can be built with a wide variety of tools. They do not depend on the proprietary technologies or exotic and little known frameworks. Instead, they build on widely available tools and conventions. As a result, it’s not hard to find enthusiastic and talented developers who have the right skills to build with the JamStack. Efficiency and effectiveness can prosper.

No CMS items limits

Since JamStack sites build just up simple markdown files, you have no limits on how many CMS items you can use. (Well, unless you fill up your whole hard disk… but for example this doc is based on a markdown file that is below 2kBs, so to fill up 1GB at this average you need 524288 CMS items 🤯)


In order to use the App you need to meet the following requirements:

You don’t need to get a site plan on Webflow, your site will be hosted on Netlify platform (or any hosting you wish if you want to just compile the theme).