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Below you can find a list of all the most frequently asked questions we receive daily!

1. Can I delete the Webflow project after conversion?

You can if you want, but it’s greatly adviced to not do it! Webflow doesn’t allow to get back the project from your hard drive and if you want to modify your site in terms of style and layout you need to reconvert it!

2. Do I need an active Udesly subscription to use the site?

No you don’t need to, once converted your site will be there and it will work also without a subscription. But you need the subscription in order to convert again your project. And you will need to reconvert if you need to modify your site layout or style.

3. What are the limits of the Free plan?

Well for Ghost there are few limits:

  • Made with Udesly Banner;

  • Members Portal is disabled;

  • Search is disabled;

  • Pagination is disabled;

4. Can I change style or layout after conversion?

If you can code, you can modify the code of the theme directly, otherwise you need to modify in Webflow and convert again!

5. Do I lose CMS data when I reupload the theme?

No, Ghost doesn’t save any data inside the Theme. Every article is saved inside the Database and it’s never deleted automatically.

(Pay attention, there is a button that deletes all data inside Ghost Dashboard 💣, use it at your own risk ☢️)

6. Can I add custom fields not included in CMS Structure?

Absolutely no! Ghost has a fixed structure and you can’t add fields that Ghost doesn’t support!

7. Can I change the slug of the Collections?

No, Ghost