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CMS Structure

Ghost is a simple CMS and has a fixed structure that you can create with Webflow. There are 2 CMS collection that are mandatory and must be created always: Author and Tag. After those 2 mandatory collections, you can create all the CMS collections you want, but all the collections MUST follow a strict configuration in terms of fields.


Author collections, represents the users that write all the articles of your Ghost blog.

This collection slug must be author. The fields configuration must adhere to the following scheme:

Field LabelField TypeDescription
BioPlain textShort bio of the Author
LocationPlain textAuthor’s Location
MailEmailAuthor’s Email
WebsiteLinkAuthor’s Website
Twitter ProfileLinkUrl to Twitter Profile
Facebook ProfileLinkUrl to Facebook Profile
PictureImageAuthor’s Profile Image
Cover ImageImageAuthor’s Cover Image


Tags are the primary taxonomy within Ghost for filtering and organising the relationships between your content.

Right off the bat, probably the best way to think about tags in Ghost is like labels in GMail. Tags are a powerful, dynamic taxonomy which can be used to categorise content, control design, and drive automation within your site.

This collection in Webflow must have the slug tag. The fields configuration must adhere to the following scheme:

Field LabelField TypeDescription
ImageImageThe cover image associated with the tag
DescriptionPlain textDescription of the tag
ColorColorThe accent color of the tag

Any Other CMS Collection

You can have infinite other CMS collections, they all will be converted as Posts with a specific internal tag in order to be categorized differently. Posts are the primary entry-type within Ghost, and generally represent the majority of stored data.

If you create a CMS collection called Blog in Webflow, this collection will be converted in Posts that have the internal tag #blog.

All the collections except for Author and Tag must adhere to the following schema configuration for fields:

Field LabelField TypeField ConfigurationDescription
ImageImageThe Featured Image of the post
ExcerptPlain textA short preview of your post content
ContentRich textThe content of the post
FeaturedSwitchIndicates a featured post
VisibilityOptionOptions must be:
  • Public
  • Members
  • Paid Members
Visibility restriction of the post
Primary AuthorReferenceMust reference author collectionThe first author associated with the post
AuthorsMulti-referenceMust reference author collectionThe authors associated with the post
Primary TagReferenceMust reference tag collectionThe first tag associated with the post
TagsMulti-referenceMust reference tag collectionThe tags associated with the post