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How it works

The Udesly App converts your Webflow project .zip in a Shopify theme. It analyzes your theme and adds all the necessary Liquid code, so that you don’t need to!*

Design your eCommerce in Webflow like a normal site, your design will be converted along with your interactions, fonts, and your CMS elements.

The Udesly App is smart enough to understand your Site structure through the magic extension, it will automatically configure your template and export your CMS data. Yep, you have read it correctly!


Your CMS collections will be automatically linked and editable from Shopify admin panel as different Blogs, even custom fields that normally are not available in Shopify!

* If you are a Liquid Ninja 🥷 you can add ultra-advanced features directly in Webflow using our Liquid Elements

Disclaimer: All Webflow elements, even dynamic ones and CMS bindings inside embeds will be converted correctly without configuration. However there is a small part of features that is available only in Shopify and, needs a bit of configuration inside Webflow, you need to use custom attributes. Don’t worry it’s not a long list and you can copy directly the pre-configured elements from this doc!