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Conversion Steps

Converting a site is very very simple, below you will find a guide divided into 3 simple parts


  1. Design your theme in Webflow, with CMS, eCommerce or static*;
  2. After you are done and ready to convert, open up our extension and click on Configure Attributes;
  3. The extension will add attributes and download a configuration file;
  4. After the configuration has been downloaded you can export your Webflow .zip;

* You can also get a template from the Marketplace, possibly made by Udesly 🥰

Udesly App

  1. Upload your zip file into the Udesly App;
  2. Add the configuration file and configure the settings;
  3. Press on Convert;
  4. At the end of the conversion the Udesly App will allow you to download the zip;

conversion steps App


  1. Upload and activate your theme by following the path Appearance » Themes;
  2. Install WooCommerce from WordPress respository if your site is an eCommerce site;
  3. You will see a notice on your top bar asking you to install Udesly Adapter plugin;

  1. Follow the steps inside the notice;

  2. After activating the plugin go to the WordPress dashboard and wait few seconds;

  3. You’ll see a notice telling you that data is being imported;

  1. Wait patiently for a green notice ⌛;

  2. Enjoy! 🥳