The Udesly Adapter creates a theme that is backed up by the Udesly Adapter Plugin, is a plugin that contains many helper functions for the theme and a lot of functionalities to extend the default behaviour of WordPress!

How to Install

Once converted your Webflow template through the Adapter, you have to upload your theme from the WordPress Appearance Menu:

Don't forget to Activate the Theme.

Once Activated the theme, you will find a notice in the top of your WordPress Dashboard:

Press on begin installing plugin and you will be redirect to this screen:

Check on Udesly Adapter, and press on Install to begin downloading, installing and activating the plugin

Once you will see this screen the plugin will be up and ready to run!

Nothing more! The plugin is on a public github repo and will be automatically update from that repository!

The plugin has many tabs, let's see all the functionalities!