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How to install the WooCommerce KIT

WooKit is a set of plugins including unmissable features for any WooCommerce shop.

The Flash Sales plugin allows to create temporary sale campaigns. Feel completely free to customize it as you wish. You can apply short-lived discount to certain products, set a recurrent or one-off campaign and many other features.

The Gift Cards plugin enables gift discount codes to be used in your WooCommerce store. You can allow multiple gift cards usage, set up discounts for given product status and much else.

The Abandoned Cart Reminder plugin help you bring customers back to your website to complete their order. The last missing step in our Woo Kit will allow you to quickly convert the abandoned carts into sales.

Once you’ve downloaded WooKit from Udesly.com you have to install it on your WordPress. Go to the WordPress admin panel and go to the “plugins” menu. Click on the “add new” button on the top and then upload the plugin.

Select the cdg-woo-kit.zip file and click on the “install now” button. Wait for the installation and then activate the plugin.

Remember to validate your Woo Kit License Key that you can find on your Purchase Receipt. Click on License menu in WooKit Admin panel and insert the License Key.


Flash Sales Plugin

Click on “Flash Sales” and add a new Flash sale (“Add new” button on the top left corner). An option menu with several submenus will open. Let’s see them one by one.

Schedule: Here you can set up the kind of Flash Sale you want to create. If you need a one time campaign, click on “One time” radio button and schedule the start and end time of the campaign itself. Otherwise you can develop a recurring campaign clicking on the dedicated radio button. You need to configure on/off days cycle. The plugin will recall your Server Time.

Discount: This option allows to include a discount to products subject to Flash Sales. Discount could be configured in percentage or fixed amount. If a discount already exists for a certain product, you can also decide to combine them, or not. In the case discounts are combined, the Flash Sale discount will be applied to the remaining part of the first discount.E.g. A product costs 10 $ and it is already subject to 30% discount (3 $). The Flash Sale discount will be applied on the remaining 7 $.

Inventory: Here you can decide to make a Flash Sale available for the entire stock quantity of a product or to restrict it to a lower quantity.

Countdown: This option let you add a counter of the remaining time till the end of the Flash Sale. It is fully customizable in colors, fonts and heights.

Finally, there’s another menu option in which you can decide the rules that must be respected to create a Flash Sale. You can apply the sale to each product of your store, to certain products, to a product category and so on.

If you want to promote your Flash Sales campaign, you can use a shortcode, automatically created by the plugin, to be inserted in a newsletter, a pop-up, etc. It will display the countdown as it has been set in the appropriate option panel (see above).


Gift Cards Plugin

Click on “Gift Cards” and then on the “Add new” button on the top left corner. You will jump to a screen reporting all the setting you want to enable for your Gift Card.

First of all you can decide to create a physical or a virtual Gift Card. The physical version could be designed anyway you want and physically shipped to the recipient. It must contain the code that is automatically generated by the plugin which must be entered when the customer activates the Gift Card. The virtual version does not need any physical support and can be sent via email directly.

In the Duration field you can set the Gift Card duration in days. The duration is calculated since the activation date. You have to set 0 for lifetime duration.

In the User Email you have to insert the email address of the Gift Card’s receiver.

The Amount option allows to set the Gift Card amount.

Clicking on Settings from the WordPress Admin Panel, a new setting page will open.

In the Checkout Settings you have the option to accept multiple Gift Card per order and enable the Gift Card activation on the Checkout page directly, instead of the My Account page. You can also insert the error message you want to display if user tries to use a gift card with products that are not covered by the set rules (see below).

In the Email Settings you can add your own subject and header to the email that you can send manually.

Finally the Rules menu allows to apply the rules the Gift Card must refer to.


Abandoned Cart Reminder Plugin

Settings: Here you can set up the time (in minutes) from the last action performed by the user, after that the cart can be considered “abandoned”.

The Enable Abandoned Cart Reminder checkbox allows to enable/disable the plugin. 

The Email screen allows to create and customise the email to send to those who have the cart in “abandoned” status. You can also enable the automatic email sending and set the delay time (in minutes) before the email sending once the cart is abandoned.

All Abandoned Carts: It’s a quick overview related to all the existing reminder you’ve sent and their status. You can also decide to send an email manually from here.

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