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How to install EDD Downloads Expiration plugin

EDD Download Expiration will make it possible to limit downloads of digital products over time, by assigning them an expiration date. At time of expiration there’s a possibility to automatically generate a remind email of the expiration itself and, optionally, a renew coupon.

General Settings

In this panel you can customize plugin settings. Really important isĀ skip user validation: in the case you’re using a validation method through an email verification you may not enable this option. It is useful if you make your customers directly register on the website, without a required validation.

You can also customize the subject and the text body of the notification email directly from this panel.

Email templates and graphic options are available in the EDD settings panel, instead.

You can generate a coupon only if you have email service activated.


You can set the product duration in days. The System will calculate the expiration automatically.

If expiration has been set to zero, the product won’t have an expiration date and it will be lifetime available. Your customers will see the expiration date both in the purchase receipt and in their download list.

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