Udesly Text Loop

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Udesly Text Loop

Create an animated loop of a list of text for your headings.

How to style the Text loop

Udesly Styler general settings can be checked following this link

Widget Options Panel

This widget includes physics-based animation that rely on the laws of physics to control how your animations occur.
A spring force has the following properties: damping and stiffness. In a spring-based animation, the value and the velocity are calculated based on the spring force that are applied on each frame.
In this panel you can control and customize these parameters:

SPEED: The speed that the words change (in ms). Set to 0 to stop animation. The higher is this value the slower is the animation speed ;

STIFFNESS: Stiffness of the spring. Higher values will create more sudden movement;

DAMPING: Strength of opposing force. If set to 0, spring will oscillate indefinitely;

MESSAGES: Insert here texts you want to show in the animation .


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