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Udesly SVG Animation Widget

With the SVG Animation widget you can create awesome SVG animations in Webflow in just a few clicks!

How to create a SVG path

If you need help to create a SVG path, please follow this link

Widgets Options Panel

SVG: Insert here the SVG link.
Duration: Animation duration, in frames.
Delay: Time between the drawing of first and last path, in frames (only for delayed animations).
Dash Gap: Whitespace extra margin between dashes. Increase it in case of glitches at the initial state of the animation.
Force Render: Force the browser to re-render all updated path items. By default, the value is true on IE only.
Reverse Stack: Reverse the order of execution. The default behaviour is to render from the first ‘path’ in the SVG to the last one. This option allow you to reverse the order.

Element Style Panel

Here you can handle the design of your SVG Animation widget and have full control over its behaviour.
Type: Defines what kind of animation will be used: delayed, sync, oneByOne, script, scenario or scenario-sync.
Start: Defines how to trigger the animation (inViewport once the SVG is in the viewport, manual gives you the freedom to call draw method to start, autostart makes it start right now).
Timing Function: Here you can control how the SVG animates (EASE, EASE_IN, EASE_OUT and EASE_OUT_BOUNCE ).

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