Udesly Customizer Plugin

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Use this free WordPress plugin to customize the WooCommerce default pages (Cart, Checkout and My Account) and elements style. Customize your ecommerce to best suit your design needs.

Thanks to the Udesly customizer you can control many elements you can’t change in your Webflow design, directly from the frontend of your site.

Getting Started

To use the Udesly Customizer you need to install the Official Udesly Plugin

Download the plugin

Search the Udesly Customizer plugin within the WordPress plugins library, then install and activate it.


Begin to customize

Go on the frontend of the WooCommerce page you want to customize. Remember that you need to login earlier. Click on the “Customize” button in the admin bar

Then click on “Udesly WooCommerce” Tab and start your customization

Now you can edit the style of everything you want in the page: from the buttons style to the tables and the forms in your shop, from the product page to the sidebars, this plugin allows you to customize many elements to give your ecommerce a unique appeal.

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