Udesly 360° Viewer

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Udesly 360° Viewer

With the 360° viewer widget you can easily create a 360° product viewer and insert it on your Webflow project in almost no time.

Widgets Options Panel

Directory: Insert here the link of the folder’s directory containing the images. Remember to end the path with /. Example: https://www.udesly.com/webflow-widgets/images/360/
Start: Here you can start the rotation automatically or following the mouse drag.
Speed for Frame: The time in milliseconds for the single frame to complete.
Image Number: Set here the number of the images.
Image Extension: Set here the extension of the images.

Remember that every single image must be named with sequence numbers, from zero to the total number of the images and the extension. Example: we have 55 images in .jpg extension. We must label them “0.jpg, 1.jpg, 2.jpg” and so on.

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