Google Spreadsheet Tables

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Google Spreadsheet Tables

Build a dynamic table in minutes, without need to code. Revise the data directly with Google Sheet, instantly!

How to create a table with Google Sheet

Login to your Gmail account and go to Google Sheet site.

Create a new spreadsheet

Create your table (columns and rows)


Remember to make your table “public”: you only need to click the “Share” button and then “Done”.


How to enable Google API Key

To let the Udesly Styler communicate with your Google Sheet, you need to enable the appropriate API Key

Follow these simple steps to enable API Key:

Login your google account;

Go to [Google Developer Console] (;

Click on “Credentials” and select “API Key” from the “Create Credentials” dropdown menu;

Click on “Library”, search for Google Sheets and enable API Key just created.


Widget Options Panel

In this panel you can customize the widget parameters:

Google Spreadsheet ID: Insert here the ID of your Google Spreadsheet (the ID is the part following the latest slash in your spreadsheet url);

Google API Key: Insert here the Google API Key you have generated;

Google Spreadsheet Cell Range: insert here the cell range of your spreadsheet. Remember to separate colon coordinates (e.g. A1:C6);

Google Spreadsheet Sheet Name: Insert here the name of the sheet you want to make visible.


How to style the Table

Udesly Styler general settings can be checked following this link
To stylize the table, we suggest to keep in mind the Navigator, that is the list of all the selectable elements of the table. Each of these elements can be customized. Here are some useful indications:

Data Table: here you can customize the perimeter of the whole table, including the settings filter. you can customize layout, typography, effect, etc;

Griddle Filter: stylize the filter box, which serves to filter the contents of the table;

Griddle Settings Toggle: stylize the elements that are visible only if the “settings” button is pressed in order to remove or add columns from the table;

Griddle Table: stylize the area of the entire table (no setting filter);

Griddle tabble Heading: stylize the table heading. E.g. you can assign it a different background color to the rest of the table;

Griddle Table Heading Cell: stylize the single cell of the heading;

Griddle Table Body: stylize the body of the table: all the rows and columns underlying to headings;

Griddle Row: highlight a whole row. E.g. to insert a different hover effect for that specific row;

Griddle Cell: if you have the need to insert padding among rows, you can do it working on this parameter because, by enlarging the padding here, it will enlarge across the row;

Griddle Pagination: if your table has more than 10 items, you can stylize the pagination by working on this parameter;

Griddle Page Select: stylize the page selector.

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