Dynamic Slider

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You can now use the Webflow Slider and manage images directly from WordPress, through the Boxes feature.

Insert a slider into your Webflow project.

Add these attributes:



udesly-slug=slug of your Box

As slug, you can also use the slug labelled dynamic-box (Eg. If you insert the slider in the Single Post Page with this slug, you can have a dynamic slider with different images for each Single Page).

Don’t forget that the Slider must have ONLY ONE image, that will work just as a placeholder.

Let see how to manage images on WordPress.

Create a new Box or use an already present Dynamic Box and click on Add Media button

Click on Create Gallery and select the images you want to add to the gallery.

Finally, click on Create a new Gallery button on the bottom right corner and set the Size you prefer.

You just have to click on Insert Gallery button and that’s done.



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