Conversion Steps

Once you have completed your theme and added the attributes you can finally convert the template. 🍾


Export your theme from the Webflow site

Convert with the Adapter

Open the Udesly Adapter Web APP you can find on and choose the Shopify section to upload your template.

Upload the .zip file of the template you've exported from Webflow, insert template data (template name, author name, template description) and start the conversion.

Upload in Shopify

After the conversion the Adapter will automatically save on your pc the Shopify theme as a zip file.

Open your Shopify Dashboard. Go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes and then click on the Upload Theme button.

After Upload, don't forget to activate the theme!


If you created static pages inside Webflow, don't forget to create them in Sales Channels > Online Store > Pages. Don't forget that the handle (slug) must be the same you used in Webflow and you have to select the appropriate template too.

If you used dynamic menus inside your Webflow theme, don't forget to double check that you have created them in Shopify. Following the path Sales Channels > Online Store > Navigation. Don't forget that the handle of the menu must be the same you used inside the custom attribute

Products List/Articles List/Sections

If you used any of these (100% you did). You have to adjust settings following the path Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes > Customize

Here you have to choose how to connect collections, articles to the collection lists you used in Webflow, and you also have many settings regarding pagination and so on.