Stipo Overview

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Stipo lets you store all components of your XD design in one library to access anytime, anywhere and share them with other users. With Stipo you can store unlimited components in one place and quickly discover them through the search system by tags, title, descriptions and featured/preview image.

How to start

Install the plugin from “Plugins” menu in XD. Click on “Discover Plugins” and search for Stipo.


Add a new component

Select the elements on your artboard and click on “Add to Library” button from the Stipo menu. Insert title, tags and description of your element. To insert tags in the correct way, remember to separate each tag by comma.



For Mac: Cmd + Shift + N

For Windows: Ctrl + Shift + N


Open the Library

Click on “Open Library” from the Stipo menu. Here you can find a list of all the elements you saved that might be copied to clipboard, edited, removed or shared.


For Mac: Cmd + Shift + O

For Windows: Ctrl + Shift + O


Copy, Edit, Remove

Each single component can be copied (in order to be used on the Artboard), edited (title, tags and description) or removed.


Paste the component

Once clicked on the “Copy to Clipboard” button of the element contained in your Stipo library, you will be able to paste the component within the artboard you’ve selected.


For Mac: Cmd + Shift + P

For Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P

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